Z{[mbr (AmYwoZH$ ^maVr` ^mfm) - COHSEM

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z{[mbr (amywozh$ ^mavr` ^mfm) - cohsem. nepali (modern indian language) eymam¢ l ... [`m©`dmmr e„x, od[arvmw©h$ e„x, az{h$mw©h$ e„x, . [wÒvh$ : _hw$›x bp›xam ]mbh•$Óu g_$& section-g
NEPALI (Modern Indian Language) EYmam¢ l ... [`m©`dmMr e„X, od[arVmW©H$ e„X, AZ{H$mW©H$ e„X, . [wÒVH$ : _Hw$›X Bp›Xam ]mbH•$ÓU g_$& Section-G

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